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Our professional house clearance service extends all across South East England, meaning we get the opportunity to include stunning English conurbations such as Medway.

We are J. Stuart Watson and we provide a discreet, professional and polished house clearance service throughout the Medway area. We are a family-run and family-owned business that has been operating for over 30 years, we have delivered carried out a huge number of house clearances to a massive range of customers.


From private individuals to solicitors, and from executors to estate agents, our house clearance service is bespoke to every customer. For this exact reason, we do not charge a standard flat rate as other house clearance companies in Medway do, instead, we price every job individually to save you money.

Medway Probate House Clearance

Sadly many house clearances occur as a result of bereavement in a family, which makes the resales and the removal of possessions even more complex. That is where our Medway House Clearance team can help, we offer a professional respectful service that covers Medway and local areas.

As professionals, our house clearance team is able to provide you with a service that spans all parts of the probate process. During this process, we are always strict to maintain our 'Resale & Recycle' policy that ensures all the items that are cleared from the house are either sold at our dedicated Medway auction house or recycled in our local Medway recycling centre.

Choosing a House Clearance Company

If you've decided to use a team of professionals to handle the household goods and chattels choose a licenced waste carrier. This will help to ensure that goods are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

It is better to use a company that specialises in probate. You'll find they are more knowledgeable with regards to valuations, procedures and more sympathetic to your needs. Finally, use a firm that will quote a fixed fee so you know exactly how much it will cost. Some probate clearance companies charge by the hour and can add-on extras for transport and waste disposal etc.

So why not choose a specialist probate clearance company like J. Stuart Watson to tackle any clearance or valuation you may need, making a chore into a pleasurable experience.

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